TechnologyOne Melbourne User Group Meeting Notes Thursday Dec 3rd, 2015

TechnologyOne Melbourne User Group Meeting Notes Thursday Dec 3rd


9:30 Jamie Scott (Salvation Army Finance Systems Manager)
Open Meeting Specific questions raised on LinkedIn User Group
Migration to Technology One cloud/SaaS
• Jamie believes migration to cloud is a compelling value proposition and disaster recovery benefits along with greater uptime and scalable infrastructure to handle peak loads will deliver a superior result.
o Karen from Kingston City Council commented that the financial benefits of migration to the T1 cloud were not apparent to her and sought additional detail. Jamie offered to talk offline regarding financial benefits
• Jamie reported that Salvation Army had over 60 interfaces to be converted to use cloud, and having external systems write directly to Batch Import Table is no longer available. These interfaces will be migrated to csv files
• Less reliance on internal Citrix infrastructure and licensing advantageous. Ease of updating non-production databases, installing and testing new modules, and ability to configure new software such as BI and CPM modules to help sell internally cited as additional benefits
• Salvos had developed many stored scripts to import bulk AP Invoice data from Excel spreadsheets and these will need to be converted to ETL and require purchasing the necessary ETL license
• No longer able to use Interactive SQL or ODBC connections directly to database, however Stored Scripts run from a function within TechnologyOne are fine, so you can edit a generic script linked to a functions in order to run
• Distributed Processor Jobs can be started and stopped only by TechnologyOne
• Attunity Repliweb software will be deployed to provide a method of transferring files from a network location. TechnologyOne will use Repliweb to copy the data into the location on an ongoing recurring basis to protect the secure environment
Budget User Management
• Salvation Army has more than 2,500 Cost Centre Budgets and has developed a Cost Centre Budget Users Chart to devolve Budget User Management to local levels. Recurring automated processes read Cost Centre Codes and descriptions from the primary Cost Centre component chart and Budget Statuses from Budget Packs and write these into the separate Cost Centre Budget User chart. Access to this chart is devolved to enable local management of Budget and Financial Dashboard users. Jamie developed a Crystal report to format this data for import directly into Budget Packs.
• Jamie demonstrated how Catholic Education Office uses a Business Intelligence Dashboard coupled with ETL processes to replicate Budget Pack Maintenance. Users are restricted to accessing their Entity only using user parameters. The Budget Administrator runs the ETL locally at over 500 entities providing local control over Budget Users and Budget Statuses.

10:00 Oliver Jarman (Technology One Product Customer Service Manager)
• Oliver thanked Jamie for his hard work.
• T1 update another period of growth. Eva Malones looking after financial services and government customers. T1 are expanding and may be able to host meetings in future.
• Evolve is happening on the 18th – 21st of October at the Brisbane conference centre.
• Target date for ci anywhere completion. 18th – 21st of October
• Ci Anywhere development: using early adopter learnings. Apps across end to end processes – April refresh – procure to pay – enterprise budgeting. Looking to build a demo for customers.
• Ci packages – T1 will continue to provide ci packages. T1 will be pushing enterprise App Store (eas) in the next months. Ci will still be supported by t1 indefinitely.
• Support community refresh: facility to ask questions and knowledge articles. Users can either collaborate or raise cases. Collaborative user login will have access to collaborate but not raise cases. Please call if the case is urgent. User guides and profiles. Great way to find similar organisations Q&A monitored and green tick is t1 Knowledge articles by t1 can be rated. Ideas and themes: you can log ideas. Chatter: news views and topics. Current group’s financials, supply chain, com and enterprise cash receipting.
• Comment from user group it was not easy to find out how to ask for a new user – Oliver to take back to T1

10:15 Tim Finch (Technology One PreSales Consultant)
Smart publisher streamline the feedback and reporting cycle.
Finalise … Manager receives emails… Manager reviews commentary… Exec receives emails… Central view approved and finalised

Demo smart publisher Ci anywhere…
• All published reports to user. Notes who has read and not read.
• Reports under development.
• Feedback of reports and racks approved in progress and not reviewed.
• General comments, fully configurable comments and tracking
• Uses bi portlets… Define business rules for variances
• Audit trail… Adhoc comments
• Publishes into reports
• Review and commentary in the system. Less time spent on report building, more time spent in their actual job productivity gains for you organisation.
• Required modules: Bi, publisher, xlone, performance planning. Package available configuration estimates are available.

10:45 Emmanuel Lygris (Finance Systems Manager Swinburne University of Technology)
Presentation of the Technology One Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Enterprise Budgeting Model
• Balance sheet and cash flow budgeting. Claire Wetherill. Budget models / worksheet types / chart / etl / xlone reports / implementation guides…B/s largely driven by p&l. Cash flow reporting requires more detail than natural account.
• Set-up one day by consultant or can be setup in a couple of days/week using manual
• Excellent training notes provided.
• See T1 sales to request – no charge to clients.

11:15 Jared Evans (Technology One Financials Product Owner)
Ci Anywhere Financials Review and Delivery Schedule
Data Entry with Invoice Matching, AR Invoice Entry and other developments
The key features in the Ledgers App that have been delivered so far include:
– Saved views in ledger enquiries
– A centralised enquiry view of the interaction with a customer/supplier (e.g. commitments, period balances) in the one enquiry
– Natural view of transactions (customisable) providing an approver and casual user’s view of a transaction

– New My Reqs, Order Amendment and Goods Receipting experience with the devolved user in mind
– Order versioning for amendments makes it easier for a user to see how an order has been changed over time
– Goods receipt can be product or order driven

Data Entry (release of the Ci Anywhere App 1511)
– Release to Development Partners only at this stage, general release planned for early 2016
– AP, AR and GL data entry, through a new document-driven enquiry.
– Introduction of a new transmission architecture to track the documents that have been sent out (e.g. POs to suppliers, AR invoices to customers)
– New Ci Anywhere workflow definitions have been implemented for My Reqs, Order Amendments, Goods Receipts and Data Entry). This is due to the new Purchasing App being based off all new schema and enhanced processes.
– Email-driven approval of workflow items using T1 Connect, providing managers with the ability to approve without logging into T1. Includes a natural view of the document for approval.
– Support for manual invoice matching to CiA POs (scanwatcher support)

In Development for delivery early 2016
– AP Payment processing, to include worksheet processing, workflow approval and transactional criteria on the selection
– Chart Account Maintenance in CiA, with approvals as a second phase
– Rapid Data Entry (quick text, quick keys)
– Auto invoice matching to CiA POs (Stage 1)
– Data Entry Profiles

• Ci anywhere: procure to pay nested criteria now available. Saved view Dynamic picklists. Scanned document view when entering creditor invoice. Pulls the purchase order into view
• Authorisation codes are redundant in Ci anywhere.
• Prepayment schedule supported.
• Workflow items are now called “tasks”

12:30 Meeting Closed / Lunch: Technology One provided lunch at the Catherine Booth college allowing delegates to mingle and share knowledge and information.

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TechnologyOne Melbourne User Group Meeting Agenda 3rd Dec, 2015


9:00 Meet in Dining Area for Coffee and 9:30 start

9:30 Jamie Scott (Salvation Army Finance Systems Manager)
Open Meeting Specific questions raised on LinkedIn User Group
Migration to TechnologyOne cloud/SaaS
Budget User Management
Procurement Automation
General Questions / Discussion Points

10:00 Oliver Jarman (TechnologyOne Product Customer Service Manager)
TechnologyOne and Support Community Update

10:15 Tim Finch (Technology One)
Smart Publisher and Performance Planning Demonstration

10:45 Emmanual Lygris (Swinburne University of Technology Finance Systems Manager)
Presentation of the TechnologyOne Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Enterprise Budgeting Model

11:15 Jarad Evans (TechnologyOne Financials Product Owner)
Ci Anywhere Financials Review and Delivery Schedule
Data Entry with Invoice Matching, AR Invoice Entry and other developments

12:00 General Business
12:30 Meeting Closed / Lunch

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Technology One Melbourne User Group Meeting on Thursday 3rd December

The next Technology One Melbourne User Group Meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd December at:
Catherine Booth College
100 Maidstone Street
Ringwood Victoria

Catherine Booth College is the newly refurbished Salvation Army Officer Training College and easily accessed by taking the Canterbury Road to head east from Eastlink and turning left in Maidstone Street, just past the old Cadbury (Mondelez International) factory

The meeting will include a presentation from Technology One including

  • Update on Technology products including Ci Anywhere
  • Tricks and Tips and possibly other topics such as Automation of Procurement, Ci Anywhere Data Entry and cloud migration progress.

You’re invited  to submit items for the Agenda and to register your intention to attend using one of the following options:
Make a comment on the new Technology One Software Users Group on Linked In . Join Group »

Reply to this email or email me at
or make a comment on this post with your name and organization and number of people

Arrive at 9:30am for a 10:00am start, the meeting is scheduled to conclude at 13:00pm and will include lunch
Warm regards,
Jamie Scott

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Technology One User Group Meeting Notes April 23, 2015

Published on May 12, 2015 by in Featured

Date: Thursday 23 April 2015
Venue Host: Cardinia Shire Council – Aileen Morrison
Meeting Host: Jamie Scott, Salvation Army
Attachments: Attendance List and Agenda

Discussion 1: All

Kingston Council:
• Receipting approval with purchasing package
• Use scanwatcher to scan invoices
• Weekly “Naughty List” to exec mgmt for thosewho don’t raise purchase orders
• Process supported by using xlone custom reports
• Email sent to suppliers to advise PO must be included on invoice

SE Water:
• Cofax for scanning invoices
• Have introduced purchase order – invoice receipt matching

Yarra Ranges Shire:
• Co fax for scanning
• Short paying orders – back orders not created
• Don’t do receipting
• AP guys doing goods receipting to avoid impost & training on users

Cardinia Shire:
• Convoluted AP workflow
• Ezyscan – OCR populates header
• Automated matching invoice & receipt goes straight to AP for processing
• Automated unmatching invoice & receipt goes back to order creator for review

Eye Centre:
• Invoices with no Order – keep track via a spreadsheet
• How to put in system to hold & match later???

Discussion 2: All

• Consolidation releases include all packages up to considated date
• DVD install will advise cut date
• Cuts taken only of GD packages (not LD)
• Step for LD to GD, relies on feedback from customers who always take on the LD release and time spent in a production environment without issue
• Sites with archiving – an extra step is required ???

Note 1: Discussion was centred on the consolidation release as most sites present have not installed it as yet
Note 2: Individual package installation was not discussed

Discussion 3:

Position: Associate Consulting Director

• Public Training Calendar: stuck in limbo for publishing training via Customer Community – working on solution – all will be receiving a email soon on upcoming training

• Training now conducted in Cloud

• Consultants now working in Cloud – Consulting Sandpit – Tablets for all consultants

• Advised NEW Victorian Team Members (including Ai Ling)

• IMPORTANT: 10 weeks to 30th June Year End – Contact Oliver, your Account Manager or David Stubbings for early assistance

• Shane Cagney advised currently looking for new consultants

Discussion 4:
TechOne Consultant: Wallace Hativagone – Analyst Support Team
Experience: Accountant, Financial Controller, TechOne consultant, TechOne support

• Launched Oct 2014
• 250 members
• Support team do much more than answer phone, answer question & resolve issues
? Not just a call centre
? They are also designing & developing fixes and enhancements
• Knowledge page – look here first for info before contacting support – you may find what you’re looking for
• Replaced old Enhancements page with Ideas on new site
? You can vote/like ideas – TechOne see the trends most voted by customers & plan inclusion into product
• Chatter – released yesterday
? Collaborative space for techone customers to converse with other sites to see how they operate or handle certain processes /tasks etc.

Discussion 5:
TechOne Consultant: Wallace Hativagone – Analyst Support Team
Experience: Accountant, Financial Controller, TechOne consultant, TechOne support

? Wallace spoke of his background & experience – (EOFY expert)

5 Major components to a smooth EOY
1. Communication & Early Planning
2. Check lists (one for each role – use DP to send out email reminders)
3. Tools (use existing application tools to save time)
4. Method
5. Contingency Plans (when things go wrong)

1. Communication & Early Planning

• Processing groups & ledgers etc can be setup early – even months before, but make them INACTIVE:
? Can identify issues early for TechOne to help

• Technical Planning
? Database backup – last day of financial year is CRUCIAL
? Consider Archiving – if processes are slowing down or size issue
o Neglect of Archiving will impact efficiency of system
o Archive up to how many years you report back
? System Efficiencies make tasks quicker
? Run process on the DP to free up your computer

• Customer Community – take advantage of it – ask questions via Question section – use Knowledge space – call support – raise a case

2. Checklists – CRUCIAL – Must do for what, when & who to ensure order & accuracy


Processing Group Wizard
• To automate updating of names fields eg from 14/15 to 15/16
• F1 Key in app for user assistance
• Look up knowledge base

System Variable Group Wizard
• Bulk update of system variables
• After you have rolled over, Run A System Variables Summary Report to check variables are correct

Ledger Tips
Make user of functions such as:
• Ledger Copy
• Ledger Transaction Period Transfer
• Ledger Deletion – TRY NOT TO USE – DEACTIVATE rather than DELETE – use delete only if brand new & hasn’t been used & no one knows it exists

Item Application Finalisation
Note: Really should look into this & make use of it – highly recommended

TIP 1: Use Favourites tab to create a EOFY folder to add in all related EOFY functions
? Not necessary but is tidy & makes functions easy to find

TIP 2: Use personalised workflow to assist with tasks you perform for EOY

Corporate performance management: speak to Oliver re: ETL if you want further info
Can use it for:
• Rolling over system variables
• Notifications
• Posting Journals
• Run On DP
• Can revolutionise how you do your business
• 1 hour to create process but saves time of 3 to 4 people

ORDER to carry out tasks:
• Use checklists – ORDERED correctly
• Create Ledgers, Processing Groups & System Variables EARLY
• How will accruals be carried out – Reversing Journals

• Manual journal
• Custom report to create import file
• Allocation
• ETL – allocation on steroids
• How to manage last years & this years
• Formats configured for Period 0 and Period 13

• Finalise AP Payment Runs
• Finalise AR worksheets
• Accept & finalise Bank Rconciliation
• Clean up open purchase orders, if needed
• Document Files Console
? To see at a glance # of docfiles processing & # suspended – these MUST be cleared before EOF

NOTE: Wallace will provide his example of a check list and the power point presentation. To be emailed with minutes from user group meeting

Discussion 6:
TechOne Consultant: Jared Evans – Analyst Support Team
Position: Financials Product Owner

Has been available for HRP & Assets – NOW FINANCIALS

CiA Data Entry
• new print transmission technology
• T1 Connect (a product like Crystal): Email listening service to route info to the users email for action
? Action from email without logging in to app
? Uses conversation ids

CiA Purchasing
• No more backorders
• VERSIONS instead

Ci Anywhere
• All cloud based
• Staged transition
• New technology
• Can still use legacy system as well
• New print transmission allow print anywhere
? No reprint anymore
? Concept of submit to print comes up on browser as pdf to print
• Doc File is a setting for how a final doc will be

Demo of requisition, order, invoice match & receipt
? Running from Sydney server & quite quick

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TechnologyOne Melbourne User Group Agenda

Published on April 16, 2015 by in Featured

9:30 Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)
• Open meeting, preview agenda
o Specific questions posted on TechnologyOne Software Users Linked In Group
o Accounts Payable auto matching and general discussion around use of Accounts Payable module
o Consolidation Release and Packages, clarification/ discussion around installation of packages and whether its good practice to pick and choose or install all those related to your installed modules. Is the base consolidation release ( actually exactly the same as when first released and all enhancements/fixes etc come from ci packages downloaded and installed from the App store?
10:00 David Stubbings (TechnologyOne)
• TechnologyOne Consulting services update
10:15 Wallace Hativagone (TechnologyOne)
• TechnologyOne Customer Community update including Tips and Trick session on the Community Portal
11:00 20 minute break
11:20 Tim Finch (TechnologyOne)
• Ci Anywhere Update
o Which modules are actually available now, discussion on who has implemented, lessons learned and tips from early adopters. Feedback by end-users from those who have implemented any Ci Anywhere modules.
o People’s plans/timeline for implementation.
11:45 General Questions and Discussion (TechnologyOne)
• General questions and discussion
• Next meeting
12:30 Meeting Closed

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