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Published on January 10, 2013 by in Current

Alana Taylor from Wyndham has asked the user group what Aged Care Systems they currently have in use. This question is being emailed to the user group and also posted on One of the many advantages of posting this information on is that all of us are able to access this information in a forum that allows comments and discussions to take place. If you follow oni twitter or facebook you can receive email notifications of new postings on

Hi Jamie,

Wyndham City are looking to replace our Aged Care Services system and we are interested in finding out what systems the other Councils are using. We would also like to know what systems Councils are integrating their Aged Care Services system with.

Can you please forward my request for information to the Council members of the Finance 1 user group, asking that they e-mail me back the following information:

Aged Care Services system:

Payroll system:

Central Name & Address system:

Property & Rating system:Contact details for the main user/manager of the Aged Care system:

Many thanks,

Alana Taylor | Systems Accountant | Financial Services
45 Princes Hwy (PO Box 197) Werribee, Victoria 3030
t: 9742 0816 | ext: 1816 |

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2 Responses

  1. K.Constable

    Hi – city of Greater Bendigo Response:

    Aged Care Services system: eXpedite (very clunky)

    Payroll system: Technology One HR/Payroll

    Central Name & Address system: Pathway (integrated with Technology One ECM for names)

    Property & Rating system: Pathway

  2. Jamie Scott

    Aged Care Services system:
    In the process of implementing XAPTCARE, Chronos for timesheets in some facilities

    Payroll system:

    Central Name & Address system:
    Lotus Notes

    Property & Rating system:
    Not applicable

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