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We have two separate budget models relating to different entities that use the same budget worksheet and worksheet versions. We rolled over the first model and worksheet data, then at a much later date rolled the second (related to different accounts) over. We were shocked to discover that when the second model worksheet data was rolled over, the existing worksheet data from the first model was deleted. Fortunately we had copied our production database into a test environment two days earlier so were able to contain the damage to those worksheets modified during that two day period. By running transaction reports on our budget ledger restricted to records where Post Date was either of those two days we identified the accounts related to worksheets and contacted the people effected with the bad news.

We then re-created the exact same scenario with fresh models and ledgers in our test environment and confirmed this had actually happened and would happen again. Our version is 11.09.009.

TechnologyOne has advised this bug will be fixed in the Revision 11. The AR number is 285178.

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