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Bugs, Hotfixes and ‘Known Errors’

Published on June 1, 2012 by in Featured

The ability to share information and report bugs is one of the major reasons for this website’s existence. It’s more than a little frustrating to spend ages trying to get something to work, only to ultimately learn the problem you’ve been trying to solve for the past three hours is a ‘known error’! These ‘known errors’  may have already been identified and corrected, and a hotfix made available to correct the fault. This website includes  Issues (Bugs) Forums to communicate the existence of Bugs, Hotfixes and Known Errors . We’ll also be tweeting them.

Prior to a HotFix being created, people encounter and report the bug and TechnologyOne has to understand and fix it. The Bugs and Hotfixes forum is ideal for reporting possible bugs and sharing your experiences with each other. 

Sometimes its not a bug, but the way we’re using or configuring the software, and the forum is a great vehicle for documenting the snag you’ve hit, and asking for others opinions or help.  There are no silly questions on

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