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Technology One Evolve Conference 2012
Following a disappointing debut appearance in Brisbane in 2009, Evolve this year moved back to its natural habitat on the Gold Coast. Held at the Convention Centre, adjacent to Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino the conference attracted just over 1000 delegates and ran from Feb 22-25. The event kicked off with a Poolside Reception at Jupiter’s which was transferred indoors due to the ubiquitous rain that accompanies each Evolve conference. Beer, wine and soft-drinks flowed freely, although the finger food was a little sparse, and a room- service-call was ordered later that night. There were heaps of friendly Technology One staff and happy clients enjoying a beverage or two in a convivial atmosphere and positive networking ensued. It was a promising opening to proceedings.

New Cloud Platform Announced
The conference was kicked off by Adrian Di Marco, Technology One found and executive chairman in the 1000 seat plenary at 9am on Wednesday 23rd. Adrian’s presentation mapped out the company’s plans to migrate TechnologyOne software to the cloud, including TechnologyOne’s own cloud service, using Amazon Web Service infrastructure.
Rather than maintain complex IT infrastructure or businesses will migrate to the superior model of an off-premise provider. The emergence of cloud computing was compared to how around 100 years ago large businesses went from producing their own electricity to plugging into an electricity service provided by a public utility.

TechnologyOne will offer a complete service including software, infrastructure and upgrades for a yearly service fee. Ultimately all the customer needs to provide is their access device and an internet connection. “TechnologyOne Cloud will be available anywhere, on any device — all our customers need is internet access,” said Adrian.
Benefits of moving to the cloud including the ability to access additional processing power on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Amazon’s massive data-centres and infrastructure make this easily achievable and this point was graphically illustrated by Simone Brunozzi from Amazon in a plenary session the following day. This scalability of computer power brings closer the ultimate dream of instant fast response whenever you click anything.

Focus on Smart Mobile Devices
TechnologyOne unveiled plans to ramp-up support for smart mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad (IOS), Android and Windows smart-phones and tablet devices. Mobile Solutions scheduled for release over the next 12 months include:
• iManager – Alerts, Workflow and Published Reports
• iCouncil – P&R Enquiries, Inspections, Requests & Infringements
• iCRM – CRM Contacts, Opportunities and Activities
• iAsset Management – AM Enquiries, WorkOrders, Inspections
• iStudent and iAcademic – for Higher Education
Julian Biddle (Research and Development Manager – Mobile Solutions) demonstrated a prototype version of iManager on an iPhone. Julian showed iManager using text and gauges to clearly communicate summary information, and he explained that all Technology One standard crystal reports can be distributed using iManager upon the module’s release.

Lots More
The Future of Ci; the Consolidation Release; Apps; no more hotfixes, revisions or releases; User Driven Business intelligence, Re-Iterative Approach to software design including direct access and feedback to developers, and Product Updates were also covered during the conference and articles on these will be appearing on this site in the coming days and weeks.

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