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    Hi – I’m looking for an efficient process for attaching scanned receipts in My Purchase Cards. Any thoughts?



    Hi Helen,

    I don’t think there is a quick way to do it if that is what you are asking. The process is simply to scan their invoices, click the checkbox next to the line they want to attach it to and then click on the attachments link on the side and attach the receipt(s) to each line. You can’t attach one file to multiple lines in one go (well not for the user at least).

    If they are taxi receipts, restaurant receipts and the like then feeding them into the scanner won’t work so either you’ll need a wand type scanner like this ( or people will have to spend time positioning them on your normal scanner and then sticking a clean A4 page behind it so that the photocopier/scanner knows what size to scan without asking each time.

    Otherwise if they are lucky enough to have A4 sized receipts, then push them through the autofeed and if they generate a pdf document, then use Adobe Acrobat Professional or PdfSAM ( to split the pdf into multiple 1 page files and attach the relevant receipt to the relevant transaction line. You could also attach the document with all the receipts in it to every line but this will take up more space on the server as that file will be bigger than the split files.

    Alternatively if they have their phone or tablet, maybe they want to take a photo and use an app like Camscanner to get the image. Either way I think it is a very good idea, regardless of whether or not it takes more time.

    At Swinburne, a lot of people currently print off a report showing outstanding transactions, staple their receipts to it and then have it physically signed off by their manager.

    I tell people when I’m training them, if you do that, then if an auditor comes over to me and asks to see a receipt and it’s not in the system, then I’m sending them to your office and you better hope your filing system is in order!

    Hope that helps.





    Hi Helen
    I had some users who reconciled many cards, so we came up with this option. It’s not perfect, but the aim was to save people time when scanning lots of receipts for a bunch of different card accounts.
    1. check the receipt against the purchase cards data and write the T1 pcard reference number on the top of the receipt. Gives the connection between the data and the receipt.
    2. Scan all receipts in one file.
    3. Attach the scan file to one purchase card record. Note the reference number of that record.
    4. In a user field that has been saved into the grid layout, enter the reference number of the transaction you attached the scan file to. Do that for all transactions that have the receipt in the scanned file. So each transaction that has a receipt in the scanned file then has two reference numbers – its own reference number generated by T1, and the reference number of the transaction with the scanned receipt. I called the user field “Receipt Reference Number” but whatever people understand will work.
    This solution means if an auditor comes in, they look up the GL transaction, they see no receipt attached, but they can see the field showing which tran the receipt is on, and they use reference number enquiry to get to the scan of all the receipt.
    I hope you find this helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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