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    Jamie Scott

    TechnologyOne Financials Version We use different models for distinctly different parts of the business and roll each models ledgers and worksheets over at different times. The Budget Version names we use are common across the models, names like First Draft, Approved, Review. We rolled over one of our Budget Models late last week and noticed early this week that the other models had also been rolled over into the next ledger. Unfortunately the budget models whose data was erroneously rolled kept the Active Version as the previous ledger, meaning budget users were then entering budget data into an obsolete budget ledger. This caused great confusion until we examined the log and worked out what had happened; we then re-created some two test models in our test database and followed our normal convention of definition names such as Draft and Approved. We entered test data in both of them, then performed Budget Rollover on one of them and sure enough it rolled both and left the Active Version of the one it shouldn’t have touched as the previous ledger.


    We locked all budgets and re-rolled over those which now had data being entered into the previous ledger as well as the rolled to ledger, and this resulted in the previous and current budget ledgers being completely equal again. However since some people were still actually entering data into a model at the same time it was being erroneously rolled we had to analyse the transaction dates and times for these budgets and manually correct them.


    Jamie Scott

    Including other models can be avoided by ensuring the Budget Configuration as well as Budget Grouping selections are used to select budget account ranges. Using Budget Grouping only will cause all accounts in the ledgers to be incremented to the next active ledger when the budget model is rolled over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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