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    Jamie Scott

    We use Calendars for our Corps data entry processing, over 1000 formats in total. Our Document File Date on formats is set to be today’s date. We have just found that when you open Data-entry formats in, the system insists the Document FILE date must resolve to the same Processing Group as the Document File. This is no good as people are creating Document Files today to process Documents for last financial year. The Processing Group in Data Entry formats is populated by System Variables. The Data Entry Formats should not be insisting Document File Date Processing Group be the same as as the Document File (which is populated by System Variable). This issue did not exist in 11.7 and earlier versions.

    The steps to reproduce:
    1. Set DE format to populate Document File date with todays date.
    2. Set DE Format to use a Calendar with typica financial year dates Jun = P1 and Jul = P12
    3. Set DE Format to resolve Processing Group via a System Variable.
    4. Populate that System Variable with Last Years Processing Group


    Jamie Scott

    We are working around this by setting the Document File Date in our formats to be 30/06/12, for each our our 200+ Sites that are still processing last fiscal year. As each one moves into the new year we update the processing group to the next year and our formats to once again make Document File Date equal today.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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