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    I am trying to show creditor’s name on my XLOne report but have no luck. Is there a way to include creditor’s name on the report?


    Scott Goodwin

    Hi Nima,

    I am assuming that you want to show the Creditor name against GL transactions. There are a couple of ways to achieve what you are after.

    One way would be to update your Data Entry Formats and use one of the Narratives on the Dissection line. You are able to populate a narrative with the “First line account description”. This is OK but the narrive is only 40 characters long and the Creditors description is 2 x 60 characters. This is the method that we use.

    A second way (and also the method that we use) is to create a Lookup in your XLOne report. There are two field on the transaction line, Document Ledger Name and Document Account Number. These two fields will be populated with the Creditors Ledger and Account Number respectively if you are using a traditional invoice format with the Creditor transaction being entered as line 1 of your Document. You can then use these two fields as part of your lookup criteria.



    Thanks for your comprehensive answer Scott. That worked well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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