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    During the last week, our sites DP server has been consistently pausing all queues with the consequence that all jobs are unable to be processed. Ordinarily, I simply resume the queues and everything returns to normal.

    Restarted the DP server however, the next morning, the queues were all paused again. It is becoming a nuisance more than anything.

    Does anyone know steps to diagnose and resolve this issue?



    Hi Richard,

    We experienced the same problem a few years ago, the queues would pause nearly every day. It looked like some latency between the app/DP server and the database server – and the App/DP server/software decided the database had ‘gone away’ so paused the queues.

    There was no specific fix, it eventually settled down after our I.T. team took the following steps:

    – Regularly restarted server (both app/DP and database) (weekly)

    – Reindexed databases weekly and ran SHRINK

    – Patched all Microsoft patches for servers

    – Rebuilt the QUEUES / DP processes

    Hope this helps



    Thanks Rachele for your comments.

    In our case, we have the app/DP on single server and DB on another.
    The server is restarted frequently (not weekly though).
    Integrity Checks, and Index and Statistics Maintenance is performed regularly.
    It is “patched up” and we often rebuild the Queues/DP processes

    At the moment, I’m going to toy with nominated processing times on specific DP queues to see if helps at all and perhaps restarting the server more often.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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