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    Cyrus Bharda

    GDay Everyone,

    CQUniversity is implementing Financials very shortly. As part of this I am tyring to automate as much as possible.

    One of the first modules we are implementing is Travel & Expense. This means that we have to manage access for nearly all CQUni Staff. After having some discussions with T1, we got our LDAP Sync working, YaaY! This is great, able to be automate and creates, updates and disables users based on our Active Directory. This process creates new users and sets the User Status as “New”.

    Here is where is starts to go pear shaped. We could have a staff member then go in and change individual users from “New” to “Assigned” and assign them a Profile. But this would take up a lot of resources. There is a process we were enlightened about, it is the “Bulk User Update”. This process performs the above steps but across many users all at once.

    The process works great but after talking with T1 Support, we find that it is not able to be automated.

    How many organisations use LDAP sync, and how do you manage the change of user status and assignment of profiles?

    Cyrus Bharda

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