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    Jamie Scott

    Held at                          Technology One Melbourne, Level 6, 420 St Kilda Rd

    Thursday 20th September, 2012 from 10:30am to 3:30pm

    Facilitator                      Jamie Scott, Salvation Army

    Note taker                     Kerry Legge, VMIA



    Attendees. 2

    TechnologyOne Update. 2

    Behnam Roohizadegan, State Manager Technology One. 2

    Oliver Jarman, Product Customer Service Manager 2

    Items from last meeting. 3

    New Items. 4

    3        Stored Scripts. 5

    4        XLOne – does it have a future?. 5

    5        XLOne Scheduler 5

    6        XLOne modeller 6

    7        Standard Business Intelligence Templates. 6

    8        Contracts Module. 6

    9        Purchase Order Approval Process. 6

    10 – online forums and user community. 7

    11     General Business. 7

    Date and Place for Next Meeting. 8



    Baw Baw Shire Council                   Peter Williams

    City of Boroondara                         Melissa Sudero

    Frankston City Council                  Steve Irwin

    Heart Foundation                            Penny Hamlett

    Latrobe Community Health              Matt Vella

    City of Kingston                             Kerryn Dennett

    Latrobe City Council                       Lisa Neocleous

    City of Manningham                       Gill Keeley

    City of Manningham                       Sheraz Akram

    City of Melbourne                           Julie Johnson

    City of Melbourne                           Rakesh Sharma

    Moonee Valley City Council                        Loong Kok

    The Salvation Army                                    Jamie Scott

    City of Stonnington                                    Anthony Cowan

    Victoria Legal Aid                           John Maganiotis

    Victrack                                         Jon Riethmuller

    VMIA                                             Aaron Correa-Guzman

    VMIA                                             Kerry Legge

    VMIA                                             Ian Murray

    Walter Eliza Hall Institute                 Malcolm Williamson

    Wyndham City Council                    Alana Taylor

    YMCA                                            Kevin Bone

    Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank        Sharon Spiteri


    TechnologyOne                              Oliver Jarman

    TechnologyOne                              Phil Pantano


    TechnologyOne Update

    Behnam Roohizadegan, State Manager Technology One

    Benham provide a general update on the TechnologyOne Tusiness.

    Technology One now has 116 staff in Victoria, 10 vacancies.

    Secured naming rights for the building on St Kilda Rd.

    Recent signings – Red Cross, Warrnambool City Council

    T1 currently has 3 full-time consultants stationed in the office available to provide immediate consulting services.

    Behnam was asked if any customers are using the hosted environment yet.  His response was T1 is the only one so far as they moved to cloud including Gmail 12 months ago.  Current interest is from smaller organizations with limited IT departments, although this is expected to change over time and eventually will become the standard.

    Oliver Jarman, Product Customer Service Manager

    Oliver gave a presentation on what’s happening over the next few months and longer term.

    Oliver went through a newly created Technology One PowerPoint presentation outlining product development in the short to medium term. Oliver has offered to provide the User Group with a distilled version of the key points and expects to make this available by 1st October.

    Some of the key points include

    1. Consolidation Release. expected to be available from mid-Nov 2012 to all customers.
    2. Ci Packages – replacement for hotfixes that removes the complexity around having to install particular hotfixes in sequential order. T1 has categorized their financials offering into twenty ‘chunks’ as an interim step on the road to downloadable apps. OJ
    3. Browser based Apps (Ci²) are coming and Financials applications will be the first ones. Browser based apps will be able to run from within the existing Ci workplaces
    4. Technology One are currently in the process of re-writing their software from ‘scratch’  rather than the previous semi-automated approach of simply converting existing code that has been used previously. This re-write is revealing large amounts (up to 70%) of redundant, obsolete, code exists so this complete re-write should ultimately lead to software that runs much more efficiently and delivers far superior performance.
    5. T1 are seeking customer involvement R&D and there is a web site where customers may enrol to gain a ‘direct link’ to developers and participate more directly in product development through testing, rating and providing feedback. OJ would like clients to go through him in getting involved with this and will provide more details of this opportunity and this information will be made available to the user group and on

    Action – Oliver Jarman will provide the User Group with a summary of the key points from the presentation by 1st October, 2012.

    Action – Oliver Jarman to provide a list of the 20 ‘chunks’ the Financials suite has been categorised into on the way to becoming standalone Apps.

    Items from last meeting

    1        Aged Debtors report

    The issue is the Aged Debtors Report – This report cannot be run by period when that period is closed. Oliver advised TechnologyOne is planning to address this short-coming in the new Ci2 version as it requires the capture of additional data in allocation tables. People can currently use Period Based reports and Executive Information Enquiries to determine outstanding debtor balances.

    Action – This item is now closed

    2        Revision and Hot Fix Notification

    Kathy Contstable City of Greater Bendigo experienced a situation where TechnologyOne consultant spent considerable time trying to fix something that TechnologyOne had already identified and produced a hotfix to remedy. Kathy requested that TechnologyOne look to improve the communication surrounding hotfixes for clients and also TechnologyOne consulting staff.

    Jamie Scott advised that since the last meeting he had noticed that details of Hotfixes were now available on the TechnologyOne website.

    Oliver Jarman recommended users go through him when sourcing a Hotfix rather than requesting the Hotfix directly from the TechnologyOne Support Centre. This will allow Oliver to ensure the Hotfix is right for you and allow him to consider any other implications specific to your site.

    Action –  Jamie Scott to advise User Group of how to find the Hotfixes.

    To access them go to then login securely using your Support One User ID and Password, then select Hotfix Publications. This information is also available on

    This item is now closed.

    New Items

    1        Account details xlone report using enhanced ledger and account data anlyaser Demonstration by Penny Hamlett, Heart Foundation

    Penny Hamlett from Heart Foundation provided a demonstration of the additional fields now included in the standard F1DataAn_LdgAccts.xml and demonstrated how she used this to create AP, AR and GL reports to analyse account usage. A copy of the account usage report and a word document explaining how to modify it for a specific site will be uploaded to

    The enhanced Ledger Accounts data analyser contains the following additional fields:

    Last Posted Date
    Last Posted Time
    Last Transaction Number
    Number of Open Items
    Payment Type
    Payment Usage Status
    Last Statement Date
    Last Statement Balance
    Statement Balance Amount 2
    Statement Worksheet Status
    Statement Worksheet Name
    Last Allocation Number
    Last Archive Number
    Last Archive Date

    This data analyser will be included in the Consolidation Release

    Penny demonstrated Finance One running on her iPad via her the Heart Foundation virtual citrix desktop.

    2        Debtor Management

    This item was raised by Alana Taylor from Wyndham City Council.

    Wyndham City Council currently manage debtors in both the Property and Rating and Finance One systems.  Any revenue relating to a property, e.g. rates, planning and building permits, are managed in our Property and Rating system, while our miscellaneous, Kindergarten, Resident Support and Tip debtors are managed in Finance 1.  All the receipting is done in Property and Rating.  There are interfaces between the two systems.

    Historically, the Finance One system provided better debtor management tools and reports and it was easier to reconcile the debtor balances to the Finance 1 control accounts each month (Finance 1 is based on financial periods).  The Property and Rating system has good functionality to raise and receipt invoices especially if they rely on property information, but we have had considerable trouble reconciling the Property and Rating debtor balances and getting accurate aged analysis reports (Property and Rating is based on dates rather than periods and charge types rather than account numbers).

    Going forward we would like to use a single system to manage debtors, either Property and Rating or Finance 1.  How do other Councils that have both Finance 1 and Property and Rating manage their debtors?  If they use only Property and Rating, do they have trouble reconciling the debtor balances to the control accounts on a monthly basis or do they have accurate aged debtor reports that facilitate the reconciliation process?

    Gill Keeley from Manningham and Peter Williams from Baw Baw advised they both use Finance One for debtors and they employ business processes to assist balancing and reconciling debtor balances on a monthly basis. Gill offered to provide Alana with a copy of Manningham’s checklist to assist Alana in implementing a similar process.


    3        Stored Scripts

    Loong Kok from City of Moonee Valley enquired as to TechnologyOne’s position with regard to the ongoing support for Stored Scripts. Oliver Jarman replied that TechnologyOne is not responsible for ensuring customized stored scripts continue to work correctly in new versions and will be encouraging clients to utilize standard functionality in the new Ci² version. Jamie Scott asked if the new version will continue to support Stored Scripts, even those developed and maintained by the customer, for things such as Data Entry validation or performing various other tasks. Oliver replied he expected so but would need to confirm this and get back to us.

    Action – Oliver Jarman to advise whether or not the new HTML5 Ci² browser version will continue to support Stored Scripts.

    4        XLOne – Does it have a future?

    Loong Kok asked if TechnologyOne is committed to the ongoing development of XLOne or whether clients will be compelled to migrate to *BETL in order to produce management reports. Oliver explained that TechnologyOne is definitely committed to supporting and developing XLOne and cited the fact the new report publishing product TechnologyOne Publisher makes extensive use of XLOne data.

    No further Action

    5       XLOne Scheduler – wtf?

    Technology One’s commitment to the ongoing development of XLOne Scheduler was queried as it does not seem to have been developed. Evidence of this is the Variables in Scheduler being five years behind those available in XLOne. For example XLOne Scheduler Report Variables do not support Lists, or expressions.

    Action – Oliver Jarman to research the status of TechnologyOne’s commitment to the ongoing development of XLOne Scheduler and report back to the group.

    6        XLOne Modeller

    TechnologyOne’s plans for XLOne Reporting and Scheduler led to a discussion regarding the future of XLOne Modeller and Oliver stated that TechnologyOne was not planning to develop Modeller any further as superior functionality was now delivered by Enterprise Budgeting.  Anthony Cowan from Stonnington pointed out that XLOne Modeller provided some features not currently available in Enterprise Budgeting specifically the ability to provide users with a means of updating user-field values against chart accounts, such as a Project Manager updating a Project Status or Forecast Completion date against a project chart account.

    Action – Oliver Jarman said he would feed this back to the developers and reminded everyone that the opportunity to influence development and provide feedback on the Ci² development is available and to contact him if you would like to participate.

    7        Standard Business Intelligence Templates

    Phil Pantano advised that as part of TechnologyOne’s total solution approach for Local Government they had developed a large number of Business Intelligence portlets, queries and associated BI paraphernalia. TechnologyOne clients may be able to customise these in development of their own Business Intelligence portlets, and should contact their CDM to explore this further.

    8        Contracts Module

    Jon Reithmuller reported that VicTrack had recently successfully implemented the Contracts module and were very happy with its ability to meet their needs. VicTrack is a state owned rail business running a vast amount of capital projects on an ongoing basis. They now had a Contract Register that clearly documented their 2,200 current contracts and it was quite simple to manage, analyse and report upon these contracts. The ability to track all financial transactions against the contract number provide a very clear audit trail.

    City of Casey and Moonee Valley City Council have successfully implemented Contracts module with Tender Management and have recognised some areas requiring further development are part and parcel of the overall solution being relatively immature.

    Fran Miller from City of Casey and Loong Kok from Moonee Valley City Council have made contributions on their Contracts Module implementation experiences to the t1financials website. Loon has shared of the challenges he faced and solutions employed in their recent Contracts Module implementation Search the Forums for ‘Contract’ or go to

    9        Purchase Order Approval Process

    Colleen Seymour from City of Moonee Valley submitted the following question

    Our auditors have raised a question about approval of invoices entered without Purchase Orders (APINV Format) have only one person involved in the purchase (i.e. the Approver); whereas invoices attached to Purchase Orders (APINVPO Format) have two staff members involved because the PO has been raised and approved by two separate officers. I am interested how other councils are using T1 to deal with this issue.

    It is possible to have a second person involved in processing AP invoices not related to Purchase Orders by setting the Authorisation Code of the Data Entry staff to not allow approval of Document Files they created. This ensures at least two people are involved in AP Invoice processing.

    Beyond that it is possible to customize your workflow definition (as long as you have the appropriate software license) to configure how AP Invoices are processed. Steve Irwin from Frankston City Council explained that they have a sophisticated customized workflow process in place that meets the specific detailed requirements.

    10 – online forums and user community

    Jamie Scott gave a demonstration of

    This website is designed to provide TechnologyOne software users with a place to share information and experiences, as well as provide an online community for people to ask questions of the online community.

    The website includes the following forums:

    • User Groups
    • Financials Issues (Bugs)
    • Supply Chains Issues (Bugs)
    • Works and Assets Issues
    • Hotfixes
    • Upgrades
    • Miscellaneous

    Users are able to create their own forum topics and ask questions and share information. It is particularly useful when people share information about known issues and bugs.

    There is also a linked Facebook site and Twitter page ( by following T1 Financials Twitter feed you can be informed of new postings on the site. You can also make comments or ask questions and elect to receive emails when a reply is made.

    11      General Business

     Receipting for FSL

    Anthony Cowan from Stonnington asked the group how to automate collection of FSL into separate bank accounts within TechnologyOne  Property and Rating. Mark Halley from TechnologyOne Property and Ratings advised this can be relatively easily configured within the posting controls.

    Direct Banking

    Gill from Manningham asked how others were dealing with situations where debtors want to pay by making a direct deposit into your bank account. Some users with small volumes of AR invoices simply print banking details and a request to include the reference number at the bottom of their AR invoices. However this is not effective where there is a significant volume of payments being made this way. Kerryn Dennett from City of Kingston mentioned that the Commonwealth Bank provides a payment service that compels the user to record a validated reference number, which allows the bank to produce a file containing the necessary data for the payment to be imported. This is a similar style service to BPay.


    Kerryn Dennett enquired as to what if any licensing impacts there would be with the impending development of the Ci² packages and format.

    Action – Oliver Jarman said he would investigate licensing and report back.

    Cloud Integration

    Anthony Cowan asked for clarification on how TechnologyOne can handle integration with 3rd party integration outside the cloud

    Action – Oliver Jarman said he would investigate licensing and report back.

    Date and Place for Next Meeting

    The User Group thanks TechnologyOne for hosting this meeting and Malcolm Williamson from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) has offered to host the next meeting which will be held on Thursday March 21st 2013 (TBC), in Parkville at 10:00am for 10:30am start.



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    Jamie Scott

    Oliver Jarman has responded to some his Action Points from the User Group Meeting, his responses are listed below:

    1) Action – Oliver Jarman will provide the User Group with a summary of the key points from the presentation by 1st October, 2012.

    Information regarding Ci Packages (some key points as presented at the User Group) can now be found on the TechnologyOne website:

    2) Action – Oliver Jarman said he would investigate licensing and report back.

    Regarding licensing of Ci Packages and Ci² Apps, there will be no licensing changes. There are currently no plans to change the licensing model.

    3Action – Oliver Jarman said he would feed this (the fact that you can update chart user-fields with XLOne Modeller and cannot do this with Enterprise Budgeting, therefore making it necessary to continue supporting  XLOne Modeller) back to the developers and reminded everyone that the opportunity to influence development and provide feedback on the Ci² development is available and to contact him if you would like to participate.

    XLOne Modeller is scheduled to be upgraded to the current XLOne platform in a Ci2 timeframe.  We are currently investigating both XLOne and XLOne Modeller in terms of how these solutions will interact with cloud versions of Microsoft’s Office suites as well as other cloud office products as part of our Ci2 strategy.

    4) Action – Oliver Jarman to research the status of TechologyOne’s commitment to the ongoing development of XLOne Scheduler and report back to the group.

    We anticipate including advanced Variables functionality for XLOne Scheduler in the future, and the same approach as XLOne with regards to Ci2.


    Jamie Scott

    Oliver Jarman has responded to two more of his Action Points from the User Group Meeting, his responses are listed below:

    1.  Will Stored Scripts continue to be available in Ci²?
    Yes. The functionality to support scripts is to be built to continue to support scripts going forward.

    2.  Do we as yet have a list of the Apps that make up Financials?
    Please see attached. The Apps have been consolidated down from 20 to 16. This list may change again depending on some pending decisions on whether to further consolidate some of the Apps. Obviously this area is very much a work in progress.

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