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    Jamie Scott

    Notes form the meeting held on March 21st, 2013 are attached to to this topic as a pdf file and have also been copied and pasted below

    Held at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute,
    1B Royal Parade, Parkville VIC
    Thursday 2st March, 2013 from 10:30am to 3:30pm
    Facilitator Jamie Scott, Salvation Army
    Note taker Kathy Contstable, City of Bendigo

    Organisation Name
    Baw Baw Shire Council Jen Warnes
    Baw Baw Shire Council Wendy Cook
    Cardinia Shire Council Aileeen Morrison
    Casey City Council Alan Cox
    Centre for Eye Research Bob Palin
    Centre for Eye Research Suzanne Harrold
    City of Kingston Alice Deane-Freeman
    City of Kingston Bridget Geers
    City of Stonnington Anthony Cowan
    City of Stonnington Jaime Loh
    Energy Safe Victoria Dean Downing
    Energy Safe Victoria Pey Lin Mak
    EPA Victoria Mira Zirkan
    Epworth Hospital Dean Alex
    Organisation Name
    Epworth Hospital Robert McKay
    Epworth Hospital Glen Watson
    Frankston City Council Steve Irwin
    Hepburn Shire Council Anthea Lyons
    Hepburn Shire Council Lisa Kemp
    Hepburn Shire Council Kathie Atwood
    Hume City Council Fausto Volpe
    Hume City Council Adrian Cecala
    Karingal Michael Dunphy
    Latrobe City Council Lisa Necleous
    Latrobe Community Health Service Matt Vella
    Mitchell Shire Council Max Miller
    Mitchell Shire Council Angelo Luczak
    Moonee Valley Council Damian Hogan
    Moonee Valley Council Andrew Nicolau
    Moonee Valley Council Loong Kok
    National Heart Foundation Penny Hamlett
    NEAMI Belinda Napoli
    Police Credit Paul Coulson + 1
    Reliance Petroleum Malcolm Pescod
    Royal Flying Doctor Service Heather Pritchard
    Royal Flying Doctor Service Jenni Ashkar
    Salvation Army Jamie Scott
    Technology One Philip Pantano
    Technology One Tim Finch
    Technology One Roger Dal Castello
    Technology One Jared Evans
    Trust for Nature Greg Bowers
    Trust for Nature Lele Zheng
    Trust for Nature Branko Turk
    Urban Maintenance Systems Graeme Dunstan
    Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank Sharon Spiteri
    Victoria University Mark Brett
    Walter + Eliza Hall Institute Malcolm Williamson
    Warrnambool City Council D Harrington + 1
    YMCA Ishu Gupta
    YMCA Kevin Bone

    The Salvation Army have uploaded a copy of their TechnologyOne Financials data to the T1 Cloud for testing. Jamie shared his experiences to date.
    Minor hurdles to overcome are a recent web browser such as at least Internet Explorer Version 8 needs to be installed on the client machine.
    For best results you need to add the secure site to your Web Browser Trusted Sites and this needs to be deployed to every device
    The Site will detect if you have an appropriate Citrix Receiver installed and if not, it will download one. Need to make sure this doesn’t impact negatively on any other applications you may be running on Citrix Servers that require an older version of the Citrix Receiver. (unlikely but possible)
    The end user needs to have sufficient rights on the client pc to install the Citrix Receiver, or else IT needs to install it. People who use their own equipment would be likely to have the necessary admin rights, but you may want to provide User Guides / FAQs to help users have the necessary browser and trust settings, and aid them with installation of the Citrix Receiver.
    Jamie reported the speed of the cloud installation was superior to their local environment, even when connected to the internet via an i-phone hotspot connection. One of the benefits of the TechnologyOne hosted environment is the database management and maintenance is performed by experts,
    The data is being hosted in two Amazon Data Centres simultaneously which provides additional protection against downtime and local disasters.
    Command line functions such including e-Learning software and functions that open pdf files needed to be modified to not ‘run on server’ (function checkbox) in order to work correctly
    Jared Evans made the journey from Brisbane specifically to provide the User Group with a demonstration and update of TechnologyOne Financials Ci Browser. Below are some of the key points from Jared’s presentation:
    The Ci Browser Release is very close to being shipped and Technology One is very comfortable with security around the database hosting. This release is free for existing TechnologyOne Financials users to take (like regular revisions)
    TechnologyOne is developing the Ci Browser version using HTML4 rather than HTML5 as previously intended due to the fact that most Local Government clients use Internet Explorer Version 8 which doesn’t work with HTML5
    The new version will be known as Ci Browser rather than Ci 2
    The ‘Roadmap’ or order in which Ci2 Browser functionality will be released is Enquiries. Purchase Cards, Process Submission Screens then Data Entry.
    The new version will leverage existing workplaces and users will be able to maintain functions on their existing workplaces to have the new Ci Browser function run where it exists.
    There is a new section within Function Maintenance titled Ci Browser Integration experience where system administrators may enter the Ci Browser function to open instead of the old Ci function. The Ci Browser function will only open if the user has access to it and the System Variable (TB_C2_EXEC_REPL_FUNC) is set to open Ci Browser functions instead of Ci.
    The Ci Browser offering will feature technology which automatically detects the kind of device being used to access the system and the user experience will default to the most appropriate for the device style. E.g. Data is frequently presented in a grid format on a computer screen; however grids do not work well on smart-phones and tablets, so the auto-detection will default the most appropriate displays and views for the user device.
    The move to touch-screen technology and the complete re-write of the entire software aims to deliver far superior performance and a more a simpler user interface. The previous re-write for the original Ci was a more of a conversion style re-write whereas Ci Browser involves analysing each function and stripping away unnecessary code as well as optimizing code to work more efficiently. This produces software that is more streamlined and efficient resulting in superior performance.
    Ci Browser uses ‘Aspose’ technology to render documents ( This makes it quick and easy to develop a formatted view of data (such as a document that looks like an invoice) using tools such as Microsoft Excel. Templates for all transaction types will be shipped and users may customize these templates to suit their needs. This is similar to how users may customize Crystal Report templates, however less specific technical expertise is required.
    Technology One is continuing to move towards providing Apps that will package up all the necessary changes (hotfixes etc.) necessary to upgrade. There is a strong focus on the inter-relationships between products to ensure changes in one area don’t adversely effect any other part of the software.
    The ability for a System Administrator to Maintain a Function from within the Function is not immediately available in the Ci2 Browser version but is coming.
    Jared demonstrated Ci Browser functions EIE’s demonstrating these features showing:
    • Filters will replace criteria and can be hidden or shown as required
    • To save screen space and simplify the user experience fields that aren’t usually required such as Ledger Names in AP enquiries will not show by default.
    • There will be suggestible searches provided in Enquiries and it will be possible to reset criteria across all searches and Natural Language searches will appear.
    • The Function links on the left hand side of enquiries will be replaced by contextual links against the data being selected.
    • Simplified Attachments
    • Ability to search columns to customize grids (currently you have to scroll through and manually find and select additional columns)
    • Can add groups of columns such as all columns associated with Contracts
    • The ability to insert subtotals and totals into Enquiry grids will be available in the Ci Browser version
    • You can create an Enquiry based on a set of Criteria that uses custom Columns and Groupings then save the entire thing under My Reports and Enquiries. Users can also save templates allowing them to select different data at runtime.
    Workflow will be enhanced in the Ci Browser version in a number of ways:
    Users such as Managers wanting to approve things such as Purchase Requisitions and Orders, Timesheets, Document Files, Leave Requests and Work Orders will be able to perform these approvals without having to login to the system. This functionality will be provided in the first release and the Item Content available for inclusion in Workflow emails will become much more easily customized so that instead of having to include all the Workflow Item Detail, the information displayed can be custom-controlled.
    There will not initially maintenance ability such as providing users with the ability to add or maintain dissections on an AP invoice in the initial Ci Browser Version, however this functionality is ‘on the way’.
    There are plans to enable the creation and maintenance of Chart of Accounts objects to be work-flowed, however there are some complexities surrounding this development including situations where multiple people request creation or maintenance of the same account at the same time. Also the Account Number would typically be the workflow entity; however it does not get created until the final stage of the process. A possible solution is to work-flow these using Forms.
    TechnologyOne is planning to run a series of ‘Solutions Showcases’ between July and September
    Is EIE going to have the same look and feel on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop computer? – No grids don’t present well on touch-screen devices, which are better suited to tiles and buttons and require less clutter due to the smaller display area.
    Is there any plans to restrict users from accessing certain EIE definitions via security settings? – This will eventually be available, but in the meantime techniques such as custom functions that provide defaults can be utilized to lead but not restrict users from accessing EIE definitions.
    What is the difference between Crystal Reports and Aspose? – Aspose is a tool to quickly and easily run enquires and graphically render the output using popular software such as Excel, whereas Crystal Reports is a fully featured report development tool offering sophisticated report development functionality.
    Are there plans to enhance the Excel export functionality within TechnologyOne software? – Yes TechnologyOne plans to provide features including separate tabs for criteria and output data.
    Are they any plans to offer multiple concurrent posting capabilities? – Users can have multiple Distributed Processors, queues and processors however the actual posting process runs sequentially rather than concurrently
    Are there any plans to speed-up Document File Posting so that performance across single document with many lines is closer many documents with few lines? – This is not specifically being addressed, however by using External Systems Posting instead of Document File Posting performance should be greatly enhanced rendering this point moot.
    When will the ability to differentiate between Read and Write access within Ledger Account Security be avialable? – one day
    T1FINANCIALS.COM.AU user community will be developed to include forums on XL One reports, Budgeting and a forum on new forum suggestions. There is a section titled ‘How to use this Site’ located at the top of the screen and the key requirement is to register. The site will be of greater value as people begin using it and posting questions, comments and content.
    To use the site Click Register and provide an email and password; if you forget your password click Reset and provide your email address, otherwise Login and enter your username and password

    The User Group thanks Malcolm Williamson and Walter Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) for hosting this meeting and TechnologyOne for sponsoring the meeting and covering the cost of catering.
    TechnologyOne offered to host the next User Group meeting at their offices and this is likely to be held in the third week of September. Some discussion about whether or not to make the meetings more frequent than the current six months took place, but September 2013 is the preferred time for the next meeting at this stage and the date will finalised by 30th June

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