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    Cyrus Bharda

    GDay Everyone,

    Has anyone here used Workflow Escalations? CQUni is looking at implementing this functionality in respect to our purchase card transactions. We did go searching and found very sparse information in the help about where to set it up, and how it actually works. So if you have setup workflow with escalations, even if it is not for purchase cards, please if you could explain what the business rule for escalations was, and how you implemented it within workflow.

    Also how did you deal with transactions that had not yet entered workflow? For example John has purchase card transactions on his card, but he has not performed any action with them. Due to no action, these transactions have not yet entered workflow and thus cannot be escalated. How did you del with these types of transactions as we would like to escalate these as well, but they have not entered workflow to be escalated, if that makes sense?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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