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    Penny Hamlett

    I am part way through building an ETL to check excel files against F1 functions and files in the T1 custom reports directory to assist with a major tidy up of duplicated functions, missing file links, old report versions no longer linked to a function etc. One step in the ETL is to get the file settings associated with F1 XLone functions. I have been playing and am feeling pretty pleased with myself to have worked out how to write the following SQL so just have to share it. This can be run via ISQL for those that don’t have full ETL. Watch this space for the full solution when I have put the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together.

    SELECT func_Name,StartWorkbookDirCode,startworkbook,startworksheet
    FROM (SELECT func_Name,attribute_name,attribute_value1 From TBFUN_FUNC_STGS WHERE LEFT(FUNC_NAME,1)<>’$’ and source_type_ID in (‘9E0C3DCC’,’C3016B5D’)) sq
    FOR attribute_name IN (StartWorkbookDirCode,startworkbook,startworksheet)
    ) AS pt
    order by startworkbook,startworksheet,startworkbookdircode

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