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Notes from the Technology Melbourne Users Group Meeting held at Cty of Kingston on Thu Nov 17th, 2016

Meeting held at: City of Kingston
1230 Nepean Highway
Cheltenham Victoria

Chairperson: Jamie Scott – Salvation Army
Attendees: Approximately 100 Users

Business Items:
Topic and Discussion:
1 Jamie Scott:
Thank you to the City of Kingston for providing the venue, refreshments and lunch today
2 Jamie Scott:
Google Survey regarding people’s intentions to migrate to the cloud, CiAnywhere timelines and requesting feedback / suggestions for content at this meeting only received 7 responses – not a large enough sample to be of real value.  Not a rapid move to the cloud or CiAnywhere by the user group
3 Questions:
Seeking topics for next month’s user group agenda
Evolve – requisition workflow email notification
4 Oliver Jarman – TechnologyOne
Discussion about AMS – Application Managed Services
Consulting now part of AMS.
5 Question – Fleet Management Schedule
No users able to provide feedback on relation to this function
6 Question – Payment of creditors using BPAY
Scripts for CBA and NAB available from TechnologyOne
Some modification of the provided scripts is required
Setup of user fields against the AP Chart is required for BPAY Reference and Biller Code
Payment of suppliers by BPAY is useful to enable a move away from cheques ass well as satisfy a growing demand
7 Question – Formal Training
Response by Oliver Jarman:
Public training courses are offered based on demand from customers.
Most popular public training courses are System Administration, ETL and XLOne.
Bespoke training can be provided by the consulting team
Training manuals can sometimes be provided by T1
8 Question – Training documentation for CiAnywhere
Response by Oliver Jarman:
Training documents in Microsoft Word will no longer be created or updated
New approach in CiAnywhere. Videos can be viewed from the T1 University (within App Store) or from links against each function is CIAnywhere
Discussion from users – Printable manuals are useful as they can be read on the train on the way to work
Knowledge Base – is a good source of information from the customer community
Question – Enterprise Budgeting
How can comments to recorded and displayed to the rest of the team
Budget account comments, budget pack comments

10 Feedback – Moving to the cloud
Jamie Scott seeking feedback from other customers experiences moving to the T1 Cloud
(see detailed presentation by Jamie later in this meeting)
Some technical outages experienced by Salvation Army in the Test environment (not yet live in Prod)
Some concern about downtime and Technology One’s responsiveness to access issues. In particular
Jenny from RFDS – does not have any problems with the T1 Cloud, approximately 18 users, good experience, quite happy

Response by Oliver Jarman: 150 customers using the T1 Cloud. About 15% of T1 customers are now cloud customers. Cloud is improving, more robust, more dependable.

Some concern from users about session timeouts in the cloud. Can result in loss of data entered when a session drops out. Other users experienced a loss of data entered in a budget pack. Budget packs can also be slow to save.

11 Presentation from Oliver Jarman – Product Customer Service Manager – TechnologyOne

Evolve: very successful, 2200 attendees (including T1 employees), 122 sessions, 117 speakers across 12 streams
T1 Foundation – T1 gifts 1% of profit to charity

Software Delivery:
Simplify the process
Customers have been slow to upgrade to the latest release, often delaying upgrades
T1 learning from the delivery of the Cloud
Releases will now be twice per year (2016A, 2016B)
Smaller patches with less dependencies releases more frequently
Software releases to customers staged (Cloud customers, early adopters, everyone else)
Cloud customers – Discovery?, See new features and functions, view for end users, view for system administrators. (orange labels, blue labels)

T1 University:
View from the Enterprise App Store
Video based for CiAnywhere functions
Videos approximately 5 minutes each

Extend the software to external parties
Customers, suppliers, business partners
Invite parties to register
Review account and contact details
Review purchase orders and transactions
Future functionality – external parties will be able to update their contact details

Release 2016B:
152 new features
27 new business processes
43 business processes now in CiAnywhere

New Functionality – Financial Management
Journal processing
Manage master data – account maintenance
APRA Reporting
Treasury (One Council Solution)
Fixed Assets Management
AP Payment Processing

New Functionality – Enterprise Budgeting
Now in CiAnywhere
Budget data tables to improve performance

Other new features
Procure to pay process now complete
BPM Forms
Ledger and EIE Enquiries (including drilldown)
Web Services (new for CiAnywhere – Rest?)
Reporting – XLOne now in CIAnywhere
Analytics – extension on BI Dashboards

Return Business Consulting
Moved to AMS Group
Dedicated resources to return business

Support One
End of Life – 31 December 2016
No CiPackages from Support One after this date
Use Enterprise App Store instead

Options for Customers
Option 1 – sign up for T1 Cloud, let T1 manage the software upgrades
(T1 preferred option)
Option 2 – On Premise
CiAnywhere installed (requires web server and email server)
Obtain Ci and CiAnywhere Packages from App Store
Install Enterprise App Store only
Ci Packages only from App Store

Chatter Groups
Within Support Community
How to sign up for a chatter group
Can sign more than 1 user per organization within support community
Knowledge base – 600 articles, ideas for improvement of software


15 TechnologyOne Presentation
Ci Anywhere Demonstration
Comparison of business processes in Ci and CIAnywhere

Creditor Maintenance
Sections to display
Links to other functions
Natural view
Card view
Grid view
Group view – show or hide groups

Payment Processing
Payment worksheet – demonstration in CiAnywhere
Can drill down to transactions from within a payment worksheet
Payment run is the last of the procure to pay processes to be developed in CiAnywhere

Personal Workflows
Not yet currently supported in CiAnywhere
No direct replacement in CiAnywhere

CiAnywhere Asset Accounting
Asset stock take
Asset details
Assets by book
Maps can link to the GIS module

Presentation by Jamie Scott – Salvation Army
Experiences – Journey to the Cloud
Migration to the Cloud – User Experiences

No ODBC connections permitted
3rd party applications cannot access the database
Can use ETL processes to import csv files
Stored scripts still work to import csv files and spreadsheets, however they must be run via a function not through Interactive SQL

Migration team
Project Manager, Technical Resource, Application Consultant
Worked remotely

Attunity Repliweb Software
Installed to transfer files to the cloud
Attachments approximately 360Gb
Files synchronized between local and cloud environments using Attunity Repliweb Software
It would have been much more difficult to upload the attachment files without this third party software

Suggest process to move to CiAnywhere
Start with local Ci
Move to T1 Cloud
Easy to implement CiAnywhere from within the T1 Cloud

Printing works well
Sends files to My Reports and Files as PDF documents

Choice of Chrome or Firefox
Don’t support older versions of Internet Explorer (IE9)
Need to configure browsers to allow popups from T1 Cloud, and whitelist the domain
Crystal Reports need to be output to PDF files from within T1, not Crystal Report files, so crystal reports with built-in drilldowns will not work
Modification of the cheque stationery was required to create 1 PDF file for all cheques
(not 1 file per cheque).

Must open all formats in format maintenance and save them prior to them being used. TechnologyOne were able to perform this service.
Patches for cloud customers are scheduled for each Tuesday
No opportunity to test patches prior to their deployment but can easily switch between versions
XLOne functions that open XLOne and an old XLOne report and leave you at the design sheet are no longer supported

You cannot connect directly to the database when developing Crystal Reports (no ODBC connections permitted) TechnologyOne provide a service where you can book ahead and use a generic database that is not your data, which is impractical. Salvation Army plans to download a backup copy of the SQL database each month and use database when developing or modifying crystal reports

Alternatives to direct database access
Web Services
Export files to csv or excel and transfer to or from the cloud

Enterprise Budgeting in the Cloud had significant bugs where it was initially not possible to open any budgets, then later worksheets were not updating account balances. Ultimately patches were released that fixed these issues.

What else is different
Crystal Reports – PDF
File attachments – must upload files to the cloud prior to attaching
Attunity Repliweb can also work in conjunction with Scanwatcher to transfer attachments to the Cloud
Server folders are now in the Cloud. Manage user access to these folders from within the T1 application
User of XLOne Reports Designer is quite different, utilise Server Viewer’s and the Cloud Toolbar to

Other Business

Meeting end, with thanks

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