Melbourne User Group Meeting 9th October Final Agenda and Attendees

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This Thursday 9th October’s meeting will start at 9:30 (Arrive from 9:00am)  and conclude by 12-30 – 1:00pm and will be held at

Salvation Army Melbourne Corps
69 Bourke Street

Melbourne Victoria


QV Melbourne in Lonsdale Street is a good place to park, as it has a maximum fee of $19 as long as you spend at least $1



9:30 Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)

  • Open meeting, preview agenda
    • Specific questions posted on TechnologyOne Software Users Linked In Group
      • Can TechOne elaborate the process of moving of TechOne to the TechOne Ci2 version. Are there any Technical notes they could distribute – prefer them to demonstrate what are required to be done to connect the Web Server to the mobile devices etc.
      • Can TechOne also elaborate how TechOne Ci2 “future enhanced” version handles:
        Customised functions – i.e. functions that calls on a functions;
        b. Customised scripted functions created by TechOne in TechOne Ci version;
        c. Customised “complex” workflows – i.e. Group Approving – are there any change / development in workflow;
        d. How would the existing licences – MyLicense, Concurrent licences – influence TechOne Ci2 version;
      • Other questions (if any) posted on TechnologyOne Software Users Linked In Group

10:00 Oliver Jarman / Tim Finch (TechnologyOne)

  • Recent Enhancements in Ci Packages (in the consolidation release
  • Ci Anywhere – Purchase Orders (Goods receipting and Order Amendments)
  • Ci Anywhere Update
    • Which modules are actually available now, discussion on who has implemented, lessons learned and tips from early adopters. Feedback by end-users from those who have implemented any Ci Anywhere modules.
    • People’s plans/timeline for implementation.

11:00 15 minute break

11:15 Emmanuel Lygris (Swinburne)

  • TechnologyOne Software Customer Community Demonstration
    • This community will replace Support One and provide a vehicle for Technology One to communicate with each other and TechnologyOne staff. It’s an exciting, positive development.
  • BI Rapids Demonstration

12:00 Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)

  • Enterprise Budgeting BI Financial Dashboard
    • Demonstration of Financial Dashboard using standard Enterprise Budgeting BI Portlet functionality
  • General Questions / overflow from opening morning discussions
  • Next meeting

13:00 Meeting Closed

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Technology One Melbourne User Group Meeting will be held on Thursday 9th October


The next Technology One Melbourne User Group Meeting will be held on Thursday 9th October (Postponed from 2nd) at:

Salvation Army Melbourne Corps
69 Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria

Arrive at 9:15am for a 9:30am start, the meeting is scheduled to conclude at 12:30pm.

Record your intention to attend by

Making a comment on this post with your name and organization and number of people


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Core Systems Administrator Finance

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$82,317 Per Annum Plus Super


Reporting directly to the Manager Finance you will ensure Council’s financial systems are managed and enhanced as part of Council’s core application architecture to achieve maximum performance, usability and to support the achievement of Council objectives.

You will also provide application support and user training for Council’s financial systems and other applications.

As the successful applicant you will have relevant tertiary qualifications in Accounting or Finance (with Information Technology as a major component or post graduate qualification), substantial experience in an Accounting environment (or similar) and the ability to manage and enhance financial systems as well as planning and implementing new financial systems.

For a position description and to apply go to


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TechnologyOne User Group Meeting 27 March 14 Notes

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Date Thursday 27th March 2014
Time 10.30am
Held at Salvation Army Melbourne Corps
69 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3030
Facilitator Jamie Scott – Salvation Army
Meeting Welcome – Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)

Technology One User Group Meeting Notes 27 March 2014
Jamie welcomed the user group and highlighted the growing attendance.
Jamie strongly encouraged everyone to get onto and get active on the forums, as if you are having an issue, it is likely someone else is having the same issue too, and they may already have the solution. Or your solution may save the next person a significant time and effort. This can help realise the real power of belonging to this community!
Jamie encouraged everyone to join the Technology One Software Users Group LinkedIn group ( and get involved. This group is for all Technology One users, not just local users who attend the meetings. Technology One Evolve Conference Summary – Oliver Jarman (Technology One)
Oliver highlighted that Evolve 2014 was the biggest Evolve so far with over 1600 attendees. At Evolve the big news was the release of Ci Anywhere and the Technology One Cloud (full cloud solution – Software as a Service), which is the culmination of over $80m invested into R&D.
Oliver then provided a summary on the key topics covered at Evolve:
Ci Anywhere:
– Catchphrase is: Any device. Any where. Any time.
– This runs natively through a browser, on any device with a browser.
– The sizing and layout of CI Anywhere Apps adapts to the screen size of the device.
– Designed to be simple to use and familiar to the user, similar to the feel of consumer apps and devices.
– Integrates with devices and their features e.g.: touch screens, cameras, GPS.
– Optimised for On-Premise or Cloud installations. You have the option to keep Technology One platform On-Premise or migrate to the Cloud. You get the same benefits of Ci Anywhere on both installation methods.
– In order to get Ci Anywhere, you need to be on the latest consolidation release, which should be the last major release you need to make for a few years.
Page 2
– Technology One is currently inundated with requests to update, and will need to stagger client installations. They are prioritising the installations and if you have an immediate business need, they can still accommodate it.
Enterprise App Store
– Contains apps, packages, guidance notes, release notes.
– There are also 2 minute videos on the use of the apps, to assist with doing away with lengthy training.
– There are currently 36 apps in the Enterprise App Store so far, which have focused on the apps that the casual user will utilise.
– Core functionality apps will be added next.
– Cloud first discussed at the previous Evolve with minimal interest.
– Now thinking has changed and there is a high level of interest in the Cloud solution.
– Technology One offer a full Software as a Service Cloud solution, hosted within Australia.
– Benefits of the Cloud were highlighted to include reduced costs, simplicity (focus on business not IT), scalability (very quickly as and when needed) and the economies of scale which can be achieved.
Noosa Case Study
– One of the big presentations was the 4 month installation at Noosa Council by Martin Drysdale.
– Noosa de-amalgamated from Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
– Short time frame to go live. Started the process in June 2013, signed the Technology One contract on 23rd August 2013 and went live on January 1st 2014.
– They chose a full One Council Technology One solution including Financials, SCM, BI, HR & Payroll, Asset Management, Property & Rating & ECM.
– Chose a Cloud installation which offered significant savings in the estimated implementation costs.
Oliver stated that the Victorian Showcase presentation is currently looking to be on Tuesday 10th of June (TBC), so mark it in your diary.
Page 3
Ci Anywhere Demonstration – Kris Brown (Technology One)
Kris demonstrated the PC version of Ci Anywhere, highlighting the following points:
– The user can customise their own home screen with the functions they want as a user
– Functions are set up in tiles (similar to Windows 8), which can be small with only a name or expanded larger to include summary information.
– You can click through for more details, you don’t have to go into a different function to find more details like in the existing Ci.
– There is new functionality called natural view, which displays all of the information on a transaction in a view similar to a print preview format of the item in a standard format. Designed to be easy to read particularly for non-financial users.
– There is an ability to share information with another user, which will send the other user a link to the same search/parameters which you have on your screen at that time.
Kris stated that after the Showcase, there will be a demo environment available to customers to play with. It can be made available now on request if you have an immediate need.
Kris then impressively demonstrated the same functionality on his iPad, and on his iPhone displayed live on the projector. He performed tasks on each device, and showed how it would appear on the other device.
Several questions were asked:
– Does a user staying logged in on their device consume a concurrent user licence?
o Yes it does, however the administrator can set a web timeout to limit this.
– What does Ci Anywhere cost?
o All applications which you already own/have a licence for are at no extra charge.
Enterprise Content Management/Enterprise App Store – Kris Brown (Technology One)
Kris demonstrated Technology Ones connected content by adding at attachment to an asset on the system, and showing that the attachment is automatically loaded into ECM based on parameters which are set up. There was no real difference to the user on adding an attachment, but there is full version control behind it in ECM. Kris then demonstrated the search function within ECM to locate the attachment based on a number of different criteria that were automatically populated when the attachment was added.
Kris then highlighted some of the key features of the Enterprise App Store:
– Users can log into the Enterprise App Store and request an app.
– Your IT team has a separate login, they receive the request and can choose to provision an app to the server.
Page 4
– The App Store then pushes the software to the server, no need for consultants on site, it essentially does it itself.
– Press button to update to production from test
– Kris noted that the Citrix install is very specific and involved.
Break for Morning Tea Welcome Back – Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)
Jamie surveyed the room for users who are on the consolidation release, and around one third of the room was already on the consolidation release. Jamie then asked if it was working well at an acceptable speed and most indicated it was fine..
Several users did state they were having issues with a really slow workflow issue once the consolidation release was installed. Tech One had provided a solution to one client (Epworth) related to database index, and this totally fixed the issue so workflow items that were literally taking 2-3 minutes to retrieve, took 2-3 seconds again. The consensus was to raise an AR if this occurs as Technology One does seem to have a solution.
Oliver Jarman wished to highlight that what CAM stands for, which is Customer Account Manager, which is your new first point of contact. If you are unaware who your CAM is, contact Oliver and he will be able to point you in the right direction.
End of Period / End of Year Discussion – Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)
Jamie mentioned he often used to provide a day’s to TechnologyOne clients in the lead-up to year-end to develop a year-end planning document, calendar and checklist and test/develop year-end allocation processes and so forth to ensure a smooth transition to the new financial year. Typically these End-Of-Year documents would re-used every year.
Jamie recommended the starting point is to have a calendar when everything will close across year end, and a good starting point for documentation is the Technology One Support website. There are a number of documents on the site which are of use, and they are currently in the process of being updated for this year.
Sharon Spiteri (Victorian Teachers Mutual Bank), shared that Technology One do a 1 day course on the end of financial year process which she found very useful and is recommended to complete, particularly if you haven’t done a year end before.
Several tips were shared in relation to year end:
– The processing group wizard is a great help in the year end process, and this is available from revision 9 onwards.
– Make sure you click save as on your ledgers, not copy ledger (as copy ledger copies all of the transactions).
– When archiving transactions, you need to talk to your database adminstrator to cleanse the database and actually claim the disk space back.
Page 5
– There is a stored script for supply chain, which you need to ensure you run. In particular for the contracts module to roll over RFQ’s etc. If you don’t have it you may have to log an AR to get it. Scanning Solutions Discussion – Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)
Jamie asked who was using a scanning solution and which solution. A few users indicated they were using Kofax and a reasonable number indicated Scanwatcher. Jamie indicated that in his experience Scanwatcher works reasonably well, particularly large devolved processing operations like the Salvation Army, and delivers the key functionality of being able to open the attachment from the transactions. It is reasonably cost effective for what it does and simple to use, however does require sticking on a label on each document and reading that label with a bar-code reader to populate the filename in the attachment field at data-entry time. Kofax on the other hand goes one step further and is able to perform data entry for you, with some training of the software.
Steve Irwin (City of Frankston) mentioned he had developed workflows for scanning with Accelerate IT, and can do it a bit easier than in Technology One. Discussion continued and Scanwatcher (Ferret Software) was also raised as now offering an OCR option, which represents good value for money, but is time consuming to set up. New User Issues / Questions – Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)
Long Term Financial Plan / Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Forecast Templates
It was discussed that Technology One have an Enterprise Budgeting template to do balance sheet and cash flow modelling. There are two models, a 10 year version specifically for Councils and a 1 year version. Ideally you need ETL to utilise this model, although it would be possible without ETL but would require significantly more work. These models allow you to set rules for how the balance sheet/cash flow is effected e.g.: if consumables purchase in a given month is $X, increase creditors by $X, pay 10% of invoices this month, 50% next month etc. This template comes with a 20 page document on how to get it going.
Technology One Consultants
The question was raised that has the training for Technology One Consultants been changed to be applicable to only one module, as a user has had frustrating recent experience with different consultants not understanding other modules and struggling to get different modules to integrate. Oliver Jarman (Technology One) stated that it had always been that way, due to the size and complexity of the modules they have trained their consultants to be masters of specific modules, but the feedback is taken and it was acknowledged that an up skilling was required.
Workflow – Outstanding Items
An issue was raised where the systems administrator forwards a workflow request to another user for approval, the original approver still gets warning emails that the request is overdue, despite the other user having approved the item. (e.g.: need to close off month end for expense claims and original approver is on leave, forward to another manager who then
Page 6
approves the item). Jamie Scott acknowledged that this does happen, and as a TechnologyOne consultant frequently had to resolve workflow issues, often related to ‘orphaned’ data such as when a user may go ahead and post a document file or release an order and the workflow task has been by-passed. Scott Goodwin (Yarra Ranges Council) said he had a scored script which runs each night to clean up their workflow each night.
Enforcing Quotations
Lisa Neocleus (Latrobe City Council) asked about other users experience in enforcing quotations in the purchasing module. Steve Irwin (City of Frankston) indicated he had achieved this in the system utilising advanced workflow. The system has inbuilt rules based on the amount, and has requirements on the fields that are required to be filled in on the requisition screen. This however was tricky to build and required the assistance of a Technology One consultant. Aaron Ng (South East Water) indicated they had also set this up with a customised workflow.
BI Rapid
Manny Lygris (Swinburne University) highlighted that he was going to implement BI Rapid shortly. This includes 30 pre-configured dashboards, and can be implemented at low cost with 5 days of consulting. This is designed to be a quick solution to get quick benefit to the organisation. If you are licenced already, the templates are available for free, however you really need a consultant to implement correctly. Manny will provide feedback to the user group once implemented.
John (Victrack) highlighted to the group that BI & ETL is a very powerful tool. Victrack have built everything on a dash board, which has been built to essentially the user’s front end to get into the functions relevant to their role. Once developed it has been very beneficial, however it took a lot of work to get there.
Next Meeting – Jamie Scott (Salvation Army)
The timing of the next meeting was discussed. Meetings are usually every 6 months, however given the rollout of Ci Anywhere and the Technology One Showcase in June, some interest in running a meeting in July was shown. A vote was taken and the majority indicated preference for September.
Jamie asked for volunteers with a Central location to host the meeting, but none were forthcoming, Jamie requested if anyone had an interest in hosting to contact him .
The time of day of the meeting was raised as an issue, particularly for those travelling some distance to the meeting. Jamie resolved a vote would be taken on the website before the next meeting to find a time that suits the majority of user group attendees.
Meeting Closed 2.30pm.

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Melbourne User Group Meeting will be held on Thursday 27th March

Hi Everyone

The next Technology One Melbourne User Group Meeting will be held on Thursday 27th March at:
Salvation Army Melbourne Corps
69 Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria

This meeting will include a review of the Technology One Evolve Conference and a presentation / discussion on ‘the basics’ including end of period and end of year planning. Invitations are invited from anyone attending Evolve who’d and would like to present a review and any suggestions for topics or presentations are also encouraged.
You’re invited to submit items for the Agenda and to register your intention to attend using one of the following options:
Make a comment on the posting regarding this meeting, or
Join and make a comment on the new Technology One Software Users Group on Linked In . Join Group »

Reply to this email or email me at or

Arrive at 10:00am for a 10:30am start, the meeting normally conclude in the early afternoon after lunch.

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