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Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory’s journey to the Technology One Cloud

Progress Update 

The migration of the TechnologyOne Financials system to the cloud has been moving forward cautiously over the past few months.

In late July we took a copy of our production database and uploaded it to the cloud environment, which is physically an Australian based Amazon Web Services Data Centre. TechnologyOne are the suppliers and developers of our Financials software and will take responsibility for Server Infrastructure support, Database and Network Management. As the single supplier of the software and hardware we expect better operational performance.

We’re certain moving to the cloud is a positive step forward, and are expecting to gain significant benefits including a reduced cost of ownership, better system availability, better security and disaster recovery capability.

Hit a snag 

Unfortunately we were provided with a testing environment much less powerful than our ultimate production environment will be, which was unsatisfactory because one of our objectives is to gain greater performance. As we intend to perform speed and load comparison testing in the lead-up to changing over it would have been pointless to conduct these tests in a sub-standard environment. In addition, the version of the software provided contained show-stopping bugs which made it impossible to even open a budget, and once that was fixed, we found budget worksheet balances were not updating account balances. Despite these shortcomings the environment has been suitable for much of the necessary ‘back-office’ work to take place such as re-writing interfaces, and configuring and testing other functionality.

Good News 

As of Monday this week (10/10/16) we’ve been provided with a testing environment equal to the Production environment and our preliminary testing has revealed the budget bugs have been fixed and to date no significant issues have been identified. We’re currently performing more testing and working on ensuring the transition to the cloud is as painless as possible, which will include every Financials user confirming they’ll be able to access the system from their computer. Each person will also be given the opportunity to participate in performance and load testing in the lead-up to the Go-Live date.


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