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Technology One User Group Meeting Notes April 23, 2015

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Date: Thursday 23 April 2015
Venue Host: Cardinia Shire Council – Aileen Morrison
Meeting Host: Jamie Scott, Salvation Army
Attachments: Attendance List and Agenda

Discussion 1: All

Kingston Council:
• Receipting approval with purchasing package
• Use scanwatcher to scan invoices
• Weekly “Naughty List” to exec mgmt for thosewho don’t raise purchase orders
• Process supported by using xlone custom reports
• Email sent to suppliers to advise PO must be included on invoice

SE Water:
• Cofax for scanning invoices
• Have introduced purchase order – invoice receipt matching

Yarra Ranges Shire:
• Co fax for scanning
• Short paying orders – back orders not created
• Don’t do receipting
• AP guys doing goods receipting to avoid impost & training on users

Cardinia Shire:
• Convoluted AP workflow
• Ezyscan – OCR populates header
• Automated matching invoice & receipt goes straight to AP for processing
• Automated unmatching invoice & receipt goes back to order creator for review

Eye Centre:
• Invoices with no Order – keep track via a spreadsheet
• How to put in system to hold & match later???

Discussion 2: All

• Consolidation releases include all packages up to considated date
• DVD install will advise cut date
• Cuts taken only of GD packages (not LD)
• Step for LD to GD, relies on feedback from customers who always take on the LD release and time spent in a production environment without issue
• Sites with archiving – an extra step is required ???

Note 1: Discussion was centred on the consolidation release as most sites present have not installed it as yet
Note 2: Individual package installation was not discussed

Discussion 3:

Position: Associate Consulting Director

• Public Training Calendar: stuck in limbo for publishing training via Customer Community – working on solution – all will be receiving a email soon on upcoming training

• Training now conducted in Cloud

• Consultants now working in Cloud – Consulting Sandpit – Tablets for all consultants

• Advised NEW Victorian Team Members (including Ai Ling)

• IMPORTANT: 10 weeks to 30th June Year End – Contact Oliver, your Account Manager or David Stubbings for early assistance

• Shane Cagney advised currently looking for new consultants

Discussion 4:
TechOne Consultant: Wallace Hativagone – Analyst Support Team
Experience: Accountant, Financial Controller, TechOne consultant, TechOne support

• Launched Oct 2014
• 250 members
• Support team do much more than answer phone, answer question & resolve issues
? Not just a call centre
? They are also designing & developing fixes and enhancements
• Knowledge page – look here first for info before contacting support – you may find what you’re looking for
• Replaced old Enhancements page with Ideas on new site
? You can vote/like ideas – TechOne see the trends most voted by customers & plan inclusion into product
• Chatter – released yesterday
? Collaborative space for techone customers to converse with other sites to see how they operate or handle certain processes /tasks etc.

Discussion 5:
TechOne Consultant: Wallace Hativagone – Analyst Support Team
Experience: Accountant, Financial Controller, TechOne consultant, TechOne support

? Wallace spoke of his background & experience – (EOFY expert)

5 Major components to a smooth EOY
1. Communication & Early Planning
2. Check lists (one for each role – use DP to send out email reminders)
3. Tools (use existing application tools to save time)
4. Method
5. Contingency Plans (when things go wrong)

1. Communication & Early Planning

• Processing groups & ledgers etc can be setup early – even months before, but make them INACTIVE:
? Can identify issues early for TechOne to help

• Technical Planning
? Database backup – last day of financial year is CRUCIAL
? Consider Archiving – if processes are slowing down or size issue
o Neglect of Archiving will impact efficiency of system
o Archive up to how many years you report back
? System Efficiencies make tasks quicker
? Run process on the DP to free up your computer

• Customer Community – take advantage of it – ask questions via Question section – use Knowledge space – call support – raise a case

2. Checklists – CRUCIAL – Must do for what, when & who to ensure order & accuracy


Processing Group Wizard
• To automate updating of names fields eg from 14/15 to 15/16
• F1 Key in app for user assistance
• Look up knowledge base

System Variable Group Wizard
• Bulk update of system variables
• After you have rolled over, Run A System Variables Summary Report to check variables are correct

Ledger Tips
Make user of functions such as:
• Ledger Copy
• Ledger Transaction Period Transfer
• Ledger Deletion – TRY NOT TO USE – DEACTIVATE rather than DELETE – use delete only if brand new & hasn’t been used & no one knows it exists

Item Application Finalisation
Note: Really should look into this & make use of it – highly recommended

TIP 1: Use Favourites tab to create a EOFY folder to add in all related EOFY functions
? Not necessary but is tidy & makes functions easy to find

TIP 2: Use personalised workflow to assist with tasks you perform for EOY

Corporate performance management: speak to Oliver re: ETL if you want further info
Can use it for:
• Rolling over system variables
• Notifications
• Posting Journals
• Run On DP
• Can revolutionise how you do your business
• 1 hour to create process but saves time of 3 to 4 people

ORDER to carry out tasks:
• Use checklists – ORDERED correctly
• Create Ledgers, Processing Groups & System Variables EARLY
• How will accruals be carried out – Reversing Journals

• Manual journal
• Custom report to create import file
• Allocation
• ETL – allocation on steroids
• How to manage last years & this years
• Formats configured for Period 0 and Period 13

• Finalise AP Payment Runs
• Finalise AR worksheets
• Accept & finalise Bank Rconciliation
• Clean up open purchase orders, if needed
• Document Files Console
? To see at a glance # of docfiles processing & # suspended – these MUST be cleared before EOF

NOTE: Wallace will provide his example of a check list and the power point presentation. To be emailed with minutes from user group meeting

Discussion 6:
TechOne Consultant: Jared Evans – Analyst Support Team
Position: Financials Product Owner

Has been available for HRP & Assets – NOW FINANCIALS

CiA Data Entry
• new print transmission technology
• T1 Connect (a product like Crystal): Email listening service to route info to the users email for action
? Action from email without logging in to app
? Uses conversation ids

CiA Purchasing
• No more backorders
• VERSIONS instead

Ci Anywhere
• All cloud based
• Staged transition
• New technology
• Can still use legacy system as well
• New print transmission allow print anywhere
? No reprint anymore
? Concept of submit to print comes up on browser as pdf to print
• Doc File is a setting for how a final doc will be

Demo of requisition, order, invoice match & receipt
? Running from Sydney server & quite quick

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