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Published on July 8, 2012 by in Featured

Inspired By Apple

Apple pioneered ‘Apps’ as we know them when the first generation iPhone was released back in July 2008. By February 2011 10 billion apps had been downloaded from Apples Apps store,  and less than 18 months later the total is 30 billion and growing at an exponential rate.  Apps are a lot more than games for your smart-phone though; These days Apple software is no longer even sold in stores and can only be acquired from the Apps Store.

TechnologyOne plans to use the ‘Apps’ concept to distribute software in future. Apps will include new features, functions and fixes, (no more hot-fixes, revisions or releases) and will see the Enterprise application broken into many Apps; such as Ledger Enquiries, Payments, Data Entry etc.  Customers will be able to download and trial an App in a Test Environment prior to committing to purchasing and implementing it Production. Apps will be hosted within the existing Ci workplace or in a browser and will support iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and other platforms.

Ratings and Comments

One of the popular features of the App distribution model is the ability for users to rate Apps and share their opinions by making comments. Apple has provided Rating and Comment functionality on their website for a great many years now and this a reason they have such a loyal and appreciative user-base.   Their willingness to provide their clientele with a platform for publicly assessing software quality and usability add a level of honesty and transparency that grows happy clients.

Reiterative Development

TechnologyOne plans to implement a version of this Rating and Comment functionality as they move forward with the Apps distribution model.   The company plans to allow Beta Testers to rate and comment on Apps beta software releases;  Technology One software developers will read and respond to this feedback and move towards a reiterative software development cycle. Deep customer engagement and feedback-fuelled development and eventually public rating and comments will ultimately produce better quality software more quickly.

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