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The Future of Ci


The new focus for Ci is Simplicity; doing more with less, getting better results more easily and with less effort. Iain Rouse, TechnologyOne Product Owner spoke of the company’s commitment to delivering on simplicity in forthcoming releases of the software. Mr Rouse presented employee ‘My Details’ screens featuring all the key information an employee needs laid out cleanly on a single screen. TechnologyOne understands there are plenty of areas of the system that are powerful and rich in features, but don’t really deliver simplicity as well as they could. Commonly used features such as Timesheets or Applying for Leave will be accessible with a single-click from an uncluttered dashboard instead of a series of selections through too many screens.

The key objectives of the Simplicity theme are:

  • Simplify and improve the User Experience
  • Reduce complexity of the Enterprise Suite
  • Initial Focus of devolved functions for casual users
  • Support of iPhone, iPad and other smart devices

Over the next 18 months the rollout of the Simplicity theme will encompass the following specific areas:

  • CPM – Enterprise Budgeting, BI, Performance Planning
  • Financials/SupplyChain – DataEntry, MyRequisitions, Enquiries, Contracts
  • HRP – MyTimesheets, MyLeave, MyDetails, MyTeam, Talent Management
  • ECM – MyECM: Search, Tasks, Registration
  • CRM – MyCRM: Contacts, Activities, Engagement
  • Assets – MyWork Requests
  • Property – My Requests, Billing …
  • Students – eStudent and eAcademic

Consolidation Release

Feedback has revealed that clients have been asking for:

  • Performance
  • Product Quality
  • Less upgrades

TechnologyOne plans to accommodate these requirements with its Consolidation Release, which will be a single ‘go to release’ for all customers. This release will enable the company to focus all its Research and Development efforts for the first time on a single high quality release over a long time period of 4 years as opposed to the previous frenetically paced 6-12 month release schedule. The pay-off from this approach is bound to be greater performance, stability and quality.

The company will move to a 4 year upgrade cycle but will still release new functions, features and fixes regularly.

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