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Customised video tutorials are a great way to help people start use software efficiently within a very short time.

The prevalence of touch-screen devices and a mobile workforce makes makes video training a much better option than traditional manuals. It’s much quicker and easier to watch a short video clip of someone using and describing functionality than it is to navigate a written document on a smart-phone, tablet or phablet.

Since video clips show the total duration immediately the play button is clicked, people know how long it’s going to take and are usually willing to give their full attention to anything less than 4 minutes. A well-designed, task-oriented video will communicate the message within that time so the the user will watch from start to finish first and can go back and re-watch specific sections only where required.

The material delivered in the above 3 minute video was also developed in a pdf document featuring screenshots and written text and this document was 28 pages in size, and not too easy to read on a smartphone!

It’s very important to make training material as easily-accessible as possible, and TechnologyOne lets you build custom menus and functions and store this material alongside the function.
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Video training resources are ideal for Budgeting, Purchasing, Data Entry, Reports and Enquiries, Chart and Ledger explanations and almost every part of your system. the chart and ledger structure. Contact Jamie Scott at (or use the email button at the top of the page) or phone 0466 498 432 to get the ball rolling.

4 Responses

  1. surferogue

    Hi, is anyone able to assist with the process of getting Web Catalogues, of suppliers set up to interface with our companies TechnologyOne system? Thanks!

  2. Jamie Scott

    The Financials Dashboard is essentially BI Portlets using the EB Datasource that is available with the Enterprise Budgeting license. The Sub Ledger Balances query uses column Behaviour linked to Powertags to link to Enquiries on each ledger.

  3. avishmuthreja

    Hi Jamie,

    The financial dashboards are very impressive. Could you please share the basics of how to go about building these. Thanks a lot for sharing. Cheers, Avish

  4. deanad

    Hi Jamie,

    Financials Dashboard, that is brilliant, i love the cooking, what was being served up.

    is there a chance of getting the “how you did this”, step by step guide, looking to construct exactly the same with our EB.

    if not will got to the manual.

    cheers Dean.

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